Finally I am sitting down. I have more than a couple hours to myself. I don’t have any obligations today. I am free! Since I have started working at World of Bikes around mid-March I have not had a day off other than Easter and my three race weekends. Needless to say I have a lot of thoughts to unload. Race reports that are barely pieced together on scrap paper and plans for the future are hiding all over the place. Clearly when I started this blog I had no idea what the first 6 months of this year would have in store for me. I have conquered TransIowa, Almanzo 100, and Dirty Kanza, drained my bank account, but I am still searching for more challenges. The next one will be the metric Chequamegon 100. Hopefully I can fit in a couple more gravel centuries and fine-tune my mountain biking skills all the while. Eventually I will get my race reports posted, I just have to convert all those thoughts into digital text!


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