Culinary Ride 2014

 Farms. Food. Fermentation. That was the mantra ringing through my head on Sunday, September 21st. The fourth annual Culinary Ride of Iowa City kicked off bright and early at 9am. The sun was shining and there were nearly 300 people milling around, checking in, and eating foods. Ride organizer and close friend, Audrey, was back in town to orchestrate her vision.

Audrey and the company bike.
Audrey and the company bike.

She is the lady who introduced me to TransIowa if that gives you any idea of how wonderful this ride is. My Trek Farley was prepped for 55 miles of gravel, B-roads, and pavement. The pace was casual and the atmosphere was excited. Everyone had a smile on their face. There were about 5 stops within the 55 miles, perfectly spaced to keep us satiated. My little Brother was the support crew, fixing up rides along the way and acting as a sag wagon. The feeling of community and love is undeniable at this event.

Little Brother.
Little Brother.

This is one of my favorite rides of the year, and that’s saying a lot.


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