Landrun 100: My Dark Tower

What a weird way to organize a blog post. What a weird sort of events to do. Why am I riding 100 miles again?

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a break from our regularly scheduled programming.

Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences, my opinions, my thoughts. This only represents Andrea. If you are reading and are offended, equally excited, confused, scared, whatever, please reach out to me. 

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Short answer, “Yes.” Long answer, “No.”

“You look miserable.” “I think you have more integrity than this.” Those two quotes rang through my head. A reminder. Surely not a gentle one, but a loving one. Tough love. Those words came about during a conversation with my best friend the night before I left for Oklahoma. She was right. It wasn’t about one thing in particular. Just a mood I had been in for a couple of weeks. There is a lot of stress happening in my life. Pretty normal stress stuff.


Too much work.

Never enough time.

Strained relationships.

The list goes on. But that list is ever present in life. I had gotten to the point where I let so many of these things get away from me that I forgot how to do them in a way that worked. Last year was just as trying. I did a freakin’ great job last year. I am so proud of 2015…to a point. You are probably wondering how this rambling fits into my Landrun race report. My mental health is just as important as my physical health. The frostbite from Tuscobia was really tough.  This would put my mental health at a pretty low point. I made Landrun my carrot. I was waiting for this race. I knew it would be a wake up call. A slap in the face. I was afraid to get back on my bike. Not because my toes hurt. They are going to hurt for a long time. That was a great excuse though. The real reason was my lack of training. Sure fast is not everything, but for me, fast is fun.  Being healthy is happy. Being strong  is a big part of that.

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The TransIowa V.12 List.

  1. I am packing and repacking still.
  2. I am more mentally prepared than I have ever been and physically in one piece (kudos to my new coach Lelan Dains.)
  3. The moon is going to be beautiful Saturday night.
  4. I am very confident in my gear selection (have you seen the Salsa Warbird?)
  5. The weather is going to be perfect.
  6. TransIowa is really just a gathering of the best people in the WORLD and the biggest hills of Iowa gravel.
  7. I am still scared, 5 years into this, so scared. (those good butterflies though.)
  8. I want that pain.
  10. Seriously.

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Chronicles of Something: Excitement and little guidance.

In an effort to keep my mind on track I am going to start archiving more things on my blog. They will all be kept under the same title, which I am still working on.  I mentioned a exciting announcement and that will be at the end of my list. I am a list maker. That is how most of my non-race reports are going to be recorded.  I want this platform to replace a lot of the words I put on Facebook. It makes things seem more concrete to me, and really it’s for me to look back at.  Just a better way of keeping myself in line.

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